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Media Magic Web Essential

“Discard Everything Else You Thought You Knew About Lead Generation Online and Begin to Understand the Real Methods Behind it”

From today onwards, you will be able to get the most out of your Online Presence without even having to try half as hard as you used to

Piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, you will uncover the biggest secrets in making a profit that the real masters all have unearthed. Learning the ins and outs of Online Marketing was never more easy and unlocking the potential for untold wealth will never, ever, cost you less than it does with Online Media Magic’s Web Optimization Portal.


Check out Our Website TEMPLATES Click Here Now. You will select from one of the templates for this Media Magic Essential Web package.


Right now somewhere on the Internet someone is looking for “your” product or service.  Does your website deliver on this ?

You may have just lost another customer to your competition, because the link that showed up in the Search Engines led “your” customer to the competitions’ web site. With our help, the next time someone is looking for your products or services they will be delivered to you!


Are there broken links on your website or outdated content.  Or maybe you don’t know how to update your site. You need Media Magic Web portal to allow you to update your content with ease.  Also, you should definitely consider our Lead Management Add-on. We now include this as mandatory in the Media Magic Web Essential package here.


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One System that Bridges the Gap Between Business That Performs Poorly Online and Lead Magnets that the Big Boys Use


Introducing the Powerful and Effective Lead Management Portal – Website Optimization Package

If you want your business to grow rapidly by acquiring lots of new clients, you need to put a clear strategy in place to achieve this. Online Media Magic’s Lead Management Portal Website Optimization is clearly an advantage your business needs to have.

And although I kept hearing time after time that “The Money Is In The List”… for some reason I just never built one. I always felt that there had to be another (easier) way to profit online, and I kept searching for my path, trying this, that, and every ‘next big thing’ that presented itself to me for an entire year. And guess what? To say it was a complete waste of time & money is an understatement. Online Media Magic’s Lead Management System is wisest decision you’ll make.

Sales Automation – Send automated follow up messages to your leads you have generated to generate sales and trust.
Lead Management – Manage your incoming leads in an easy to use back office.

Great Looking Website Design.  With all the modern social networking tools and easy to update back-end portal.


Custom Messages – Control all of the pre-qualifying questions you ask your prospects.

99.5% Uptime and Deliverability – CAN-SPAM compliant email system automatically enters your physical address in your outgoing email (required by law for commercial email) and it also includes an automatic unsubscribe system.

Top Diagnostics and Tracking Reporting – Email Open and Click Tracking you can see exactly who has opened which emails to track your prospects efficiently. HTML emails only.

List Segmentation – We will write professionally write your messages for maximum effect and segment lists to target opens/non opens for survey.

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Media Magic Web Essential is a simple, user friendly and high return investment for lead capture and website presence for your business. Including the “thank you” page and your automatic messages. This makes automating your lead capture for your team a snap!


As a general rule, the best lead capture pages are simple but are designed specifically to rouse the attention of well-targeted prospects. They are put together in such a way as to stimulate your prospects’ curiosity and, at the same time, to encourage them to fill out simple online forms in order for them to get more information on the particular product that your business is trying to sell.



Check out Our Website TEMPLATES Click Here Now. You will select from one of the templates for this Media Magic Essential Web package.

Lead capture page software ensures the automated capture, management, and routing of hot prospects for maximum success.

The main purposes of lead capture pages are to show your prospects the advantages of your products and services, as well as enabling you to grow your prospect list rapidly.

Good lead capture page software will enable you to do this simply and effortlessly.

Media Magic Web Essential Portal lets your business produce leads that really convert into paying clients.


Take advantage of the customers your website let’s go away.

Get Media Magic Web Essential


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Convert More Sales

Excellent ROI

Flexible Content

Drive quality traffic to you Site

Lower Your Advertising Costs


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We have been selling our software online for a number of years. We had a good presence on the Internet but we were not converting customers as quickly as we wanted. Couple that with a bad economy and big name companies competing for our Customers, we knew we needed to do something fast. Online Media Magic Marketing Buzz blueprint was perfect.

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OMM Grows Our Company

Online Media Magic is the BEST internet marketing company I have ever used thus far. If you want results with pay per click, brand building and moving up on the search engine pages, then this is the company for you. They have helped grow our company & created a great business relationship!

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“Multiple Daycare Facilities Increase Referrals”

Online Media Magic really helped us to get into this century and up to date. We now receive referrals and can track them. Online Media Magic is Magical!

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Media Magic Web Essential Includes:

– Turn existing website design into a CMS website for better SEO

– You may only select from these templates for this package
Check out Our Website TEMPLATES Click Here Now. You will select from one of the templates for this Media Magic Essential Web package.

-Full on-page optimization (up to 10 pages)

-Content transfer and minor optimization (up to 40 pages)

-Free installation of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools  ($50 value)

-A thorough keyword research and analysis ($200 value)

-Free Twitter Background Image ($97 value)

Lead Capture Setup as follows:

-This setup will help capture leads by putting them onto an automatic message responder to follow up with your prospects or depending on your industry, you could also follow up through phone calls.
-Online Media Magic will set up an opt-in form to get leads and create 3 follow-up messages. Additional Message will require additional hourly content charges.