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How Businesses Might Deal with The New Facebook Changes

What’s all this talk about the new changes at Facebook?  How will this affect your business presence on Facebook (If you have one? and of course you should have one!)

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately with their timeline change occuring in the next few weeks.  This is a new interface that will convert your business postings into a timeline.  Of course it is more suited to personal profile to be used as somewhat of a scrapbook album. That timeline will have photos, updates, and a new set of apps.  While in the past, you could authorize apps and nothing might happen that you didn’t expect, that’s no longer going to be true.

Much more “passive sharing” will now be possible. Be careful what apps you authorize, because by default, much of what you do on Facebook with apps, or even outside Facebook with Netflix and Spotify, and Facebook’s other integrated partners, will be shared auto-magically. Once you add an app to your timeline, you don’t have to give it permission to add stuff to your feed: “Adding an app to your timeline is like wiring a real-time connection between your app and Facebook…There is no step two,” says Facebook CTO Brett Taylor.

Businesses will be encouraged by the new interface to make Facebook your permanent home on the Internet, which means you get out to the wider world. So if you are a business, and you have a Facebook presence, you are going to need a much broader Facebook marketing strategy in order to find your new customers solely within the Facebook platform.

This could lead to a great deal of inadvertent oversharing, especially if you use Facebook for business, or if you are not a student of how it evolves. It is always evolving into a platform for sharing more of your life, never less. Facebook’s newest idea is to make its platform a 21st century form of scrapbooking, and to help you “scrapbook” your entire life “frictionlessly.” I must say it will be beautiful, compared to the old Facebook. It looks like a Tumblr blog, says Taylor.

The good news is that Facebook’s new design is based on better data visualization. The bad news is that all that data is probably better for Facebook’s advertisers than for you. Remember that as long as you do not pay for Facebook, you are the product, not the customer. So for businesses now that advertise on Facebook, you’ll have quite an advantage if used correctly. You should definitely opt in for our 3 part course on how best to use Facebook for Your Business.

In case you are wondering how fast this will happen, the beta test of Timeline starts today, and with it, the common news apps that you might want to see. You can sign up for it if you are an early adopter. Just click on the Timeline Facebook page. If you don’t want to be rushed into anything, stand back, but watch out–it’s all coming soon to a neighborhood near you in the next few weeks.

The takeaways?

  1. Develop a facebook business strategy. Go here => Facebook Business Strategy
  2. Carefully explore your privacy settings and make sure you understand them.
  3. Incorporate more aspects of your business into social media.

Let us know if you have any questions. Remember, get your Facebook For Business answers here.

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